HP Spares

When system maintenance means sourcing often obscure or hard to come by HP spares, you can rest assured that Enline can help you find what you need, when you need it.

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Hewlet Packard

Our engineers work with legacy and current equipment every day of the week, and have unrivalled experience of HP systems.

With over 50 years of combined expertise, our technical team are at the heart of our Partner Services. It’s fair to say that without their knowledge and skills, we wouldn’t be able to achieve and maintain the level of service we presently enjoy.

Our extensive stock of HP spares includes new, used and pre-owned HP equipment across the entire HP product range. From Series 9000, 3000, 1000 and Intel-based servers and workstations, to PCs, printers and peripherals - whether you're looking for new or used, current or obsolete, we can supply it. At any one time, we stock over 20,000 items ready to despatch, and can quickly offer you alternative parts when there is a cheaper or more efficient option.

Online Stock Search

Our spares search facility sources parts from selected vetted suppliers, as well as from our own inventory. Most items are available for next day delivery, but please contact us to confirm lead times before ordering.

HP kit is notorious for having several part numbers for each spare. If your search comes up blank we may actually have the part you need in stock under a different number, so call us ans ask for a quote.

Alternatively, download our current stock list (2500K Excel file)