Second Hand HP Hardware & Legacy Fulfilment

Sourcing the second hand HP equipment you need - when you need it - can be a real headache. If you’ve made a commitment to a customer on an obsolete model, or you’re providing warranty replacements and need a 'like for like' unit that is no longer available – then turn to Enline. Our ‘cradle to grave’ fulfilment philosophy means that if it's got a Hewlett-Packard badge on it, we can help you.

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Hewlet Packard

Enline has the ability and flexibility to acquire products from a wide variety of sources. We work with many HP resellers and distributors worldwide to ensure continuous supply, whether an item became obsolete recently or years ago. Our legacy team can help you achieve consistency of supply so more of your customers remain with you for longer. On occasion we can also source new equipment cheaper than wholesale and obtain products that are in constraint.

We carry a comprehensive HP inventory, including products dating back to the very earliest systems. Although we can’t supply absolutely everything, we can source most products from a network of assured suppliers if we do not hold the product or part you need in stock. However, with over 20,000 items regularly held in our inventory, in most cases we should be able to ship to you very quickly.

Where HP has ceased manufacture, there may be third party suppliers of compatible products who continue to dedicate development to the legacy HP market. Two of these companies we work closely with are:

Bering Technology Inc.

Bering Technology Inc. is based in California, USA. The company specialises in designing and manufacturing storage technology products for a myriad of organisations, including the US Defence Department. Since 1981, Bering has been making modern storage solutions for legacy HP computers, focusing on hard disk, removable disk and tape backup subsystems for HP 9000 and HP 1000 real-time computers.

Test and Measurement Systems Inc. (TAMS)

TAMS is committed to solving customer legacy problems with innovative solutions. Their products utilise technology licensed directly from Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies, as well as those developed in house.

The company was started in 1992 as a service business and hardware manufacturer, and they acquired HP BASIC product responsibility in 1998. Their close relationship with HP and Agilent Technologies has allowed them to develop unique hardware and software solutions. In addition to their expertise in GPIB, HP-UX, SICL and BASIC, they are fully committed to supporting the Linux operating system.