Managed Support Services

Getting the support you need from the manufacturers whose products you use can be the most time consuming, frustrating and ultimately futile of experiences; trust us, we know exactly how you feel with this. As life gets more complicated and the time to fix issues, chase up calls, keep people informed and create workarounds becomes more precious, more and more of our customers are using us to provide a level of support that sits between you and the manufacturer.

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Our Managed Support Services can be tailored to your needs, providing first and second line product support 24x7x365. More importantly, they are designed and delivered with your organisation and solution in mind. Because we know what your systems do, why they are important and the impact of any issues, we’ll make sure our service keeps you on track; all backed up by Service Level Agreements that are clear and understandable.

Enline's support service is delivered through our user-friendly SupportWeb customer portal, which allows you to raise, track, update and run reports on support calls at any time. The information gained from SupportWeb allows our team to track trends in support calls - allowing us to identify areas where additional resources may be required.

At Enline, we treat all customer engagements as a partnership with your organisation. When we complete and handover your project, it doesn’t mean we’ll walk away from supporting your business. Since 1985, we’ve provided a total support package - from sale and implementation through to long term after sales care.

If you are an existing Enline support customer and need to raise a call please reference the contact details in your support contract or email support@enline.com.