Security Audit & IT Risk Assessment

In today’s competitive global economy, your company faces frequent environment and process risks, together with the challenge of having to make decisions based on incomplete or biased information. To successfully manage risk, your organisation must identify, assess and monitor business opportunities and challenges in an integrated and transparent way.

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Your security strategy and resultant policies should therefore start with a comprehensive IT risk assessment that balances risk against cost, establishing concrete recommendations and plans to ensure adequate security provisions are in place.

Enline’s Assessment Service is designed to make these improvements happen by helping you to plan a route for change. We’ll identify the solutions to best suit your needs, and cut through any complexities, creating a set of achievable, results-driven targets to enable your business to move forward. You’ll receive:

  • A recap of the main business issues and drivers.
  • A high-level analysis of your current infrastructure.
  • Help with understanding technology improvements that can be made, with specific targets set.
  • Prioritised recommendations to enable those targets to be achieved.
  • Clear information from which to build a business case and accelerate change.

Achieving your goals – how the process works

1. Gathering your information

Starting with a 30-minute conference call to discuss your requirements, we’ll then spend half a day at your organisation gathering information. This will help us to analyse your areas of concern and meet key IT personnel to firmly establish your internal processes and initial goals.

2. Analysis of your IT systems and creation of your report

Information gathered during our visit will then be carefully analysed using our proven Identity Connects™ approach and other industry standard techniques, such as discovery maps and maturity models. This will help us to assess the facts, visualise for you the impact of changes and observe their outcomes. This information is then collated into a top-level report.

3. Presentation of your report and workshop

Our findings will be presented to you via a clear PowerPoint-based report, setting out:

  • A current picture of your infrastructure.
  • Recommended security and/or identity goals.
  • A roadmap that shows how tactical solutions combine to deliver strategic outcomes.
  • PBusiness benefits, including wherever possible measurable return on investment (ROI)rioritised actions, expected results.

The workshop is very much a two-way session, allowing objectives to be discussed in detail, technologies explained and the route to beginning change at your business established with next steps.

4. What’s next?

From here, there’s no commitment. You can choose to carry on as you were, or follow our recommendations to activate the change to the benefit of your IT infrastructure.