New & Pre-Owned HP Solutions

Since 1985, Enline has been helping organisations to make the right decision when it comes to buying new, pre-owned and legacy equipment. Our extensive experience and expert knowledge will ensure the solutions you choose will be the ideal match for your requirements.

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New Hardware

The Enline name is recognised in the HP community as a high quality supplier of new enterprise hardware to customers throughout the world. From servers, storage and networking, to desktop and portable appliances and printers, we supply a wide range of equipment from a host of respected brand name vendors, not just HP. It’s fair to say that if you need it, we can usually supply it.

Nearly New Equipment

For many organisations, the choice of either brand new or pre-owned systems isn’t just one of initial cost. We can help you identify where your money will be best spent in buying the right HP hardware solutions, including nearly new and pre-owned HP equipment where appropriate.
Our nearly new solutions encompass:

  • Equipment tested and restored to 'good as new' condition by our dedicated workshop.
  • 'Mix & match' new and refurbished products.
  • Short lead-time equipment (we have 20,000 items in stock with thousands of items available for next day delivery).
  • Minimum expenditure systems to optimise your IT investment based upon the right criteria for you.
  • Existing stable environment maintenance support for proven systems that are no longer available new.
  • Used equipment that can be added to your existing maintenance contract where applicable.
  • Equipment testing using original diagnostics where available.
  • Six months warranty on all products, excluding tape drives and consumables.

Additional Options

If you have short-term equipment requirements, or where capital purchase or lease options are not appropriate, we can provide a range of systems for rental. At the end of the rental term, this hardware often comes with an option to buy at a highly attractive price.