Stonesoft introduces IPS-1302 for demanding Web and encrypted traffic inspection

Jan 30, 2012

Modular network interface technology now available for gigabit IPS appliances

Helsinki, Finland – January 20, 2012

The network security company Stonesoft today announced the availability of the Stonesoft™ IPS-1302 intrusion prevention system appliance on high-utilized gigabit data center and modern corporate network environments. Designed for demanding Web and encrypted traffic inspection, the appliance provides efficient protection against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs) without compromising traffic speed or availability.

High-performance modular network interface technology

The Stonesoft IPS-1302 modular appliance features interface card slots supporting four bypass gigabit Ethernet interfaces or two 10-gigabit interfaces. The number of available interface module options offers increased flexibility compared to previous appliance models. Different interface modules provide fast and flexible network deployment at data centers and corporate networks.
“The Stonesoft IPS-1302 appliance complements our IPS product offering, bringing the cost efficient modular network technology available for gigabit performance class. Until now, this option has been available with multi-gigabit IPS appliances only. The Stonesoft IPS-1302 appliance has been designed to protect against advanced threats and evasive attack methods on high-utilized data center and modern corporate networks”, said Tomi Kononow, IPS Product Manager at Stonesoft.

Highest level of protection against Advanced Evasion Techniques

The Stonesoft IPS-1302 offers the highest level of security against Advanced Evasion Techniques (AET) without compromising traffic speed or availability across the network. Evasion techniques are a means to disguise and/or modify cyber attacks to avoid detection and blocking by information security systems. Evasions enable cyber criminals to deliver any malicious content, exploit or attack to a vulnerable system without detection that would normally be detected and stopped. Advanced Evasion Techniques are typically used as part of APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats). While most security systems are rendered ineffective against AETs, the Stonesoft IPS-1302 provides efficient protection against them.

Comprehensive network security

Stonesoft™ IPS-1302 and all other Stonesoft appliances offer comprehensive network security with easy configuration and unified management. This ensures an optimized and scalable solution for any geographically dispersed enterprise deployment.

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