SENA Announces Hosted Oracle Identity Solution and Managed Services Offering

Nov 18, 2011

SENA Systems announces the availability of its Hosted Oracle Identity Management Solution.  This is also tightly coupled with the new Managed Services offering.  Both of these offerings will enable customers to simplify both initial deployments and on-going maintenance of their deployed security systems.

Increasing numbers of customers are driven by auditors and compliance requirements to tackle the age old question of 'Who has access to what? and 'How did they get that access?'.  Leveraging the SENA Hosted offering enables them to answer that question much quicker than developing a custom solution.

Hosted Identity Management Solution

Historically, deploying a world class Identity Management solution has been very time consuming, complex and consumes a lot of key personnel in the company doing the deployment. SENA’s hosted offering overcomes all of these challenges and makes highly desirable security capabilities available to a much wider range of companies.

SENA’s hosted IDM offering is a managed IDM service built on the Oracle Identity Manager stack. What it means to you is that you can leverage the trusted Oracle brand and benefit from our many years of experience deploying complex Identity Management solutions to Fortune 100 customers.  After many custom implementations a core set of target systems and Use Cases have been distilled that almost every customer includes in the first phase of their roll out of managing identities securely.  SENA have developed a hosted offering that incorporates these core capabilities.  This offering ensures that customers can dramatically change the time to first deployment by leveraging the hosted SENA IDM solution.
The following are some of the drivers that make this offering compelling:

The standard use cases are already defined, pick and select from these and significantly reduce your implementation time.

The IDM service offering leverages modules developed, ‘burned in’ and tested over many years of running in production. This significantly reduces build and verification phases of your implementation.

Our engagement model is highly interactive and is designed to enable you faster and as near turn-key as possible. Through our transparent on-boarding process, you can touch and feel your IDM solution in a matter of weeks.

Your infrastructure build time is significantly reduced to providing us the appropriate flat file feeds and access, rather than having to build multiple complex environments to run the solution. 

You no longer have to manage or sustain your complex IDM environments.  The deployment runs on our servers, either in a SENA hosted environment or on premise at your location, though maintained by SENA.

We are seeing initial deployments of two connectors being reduced from nine months for a typical custom-built solution to approximately two months for a hosted solution.

More information on the Hosted offering can be found here

More information on the Managed Services is available here

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