Security 360 Risks and Realities - Inside and Out

Mar 15, 2012

New Executive Briefing Paper and Videos

The threats to your business as a result of unprotected information are constantly evolving. Information is your organisation’s lifeblood, and you must protect it against a rapidly changing set of security challenges and risks from both inside and outside your business.

Oracle in association with their Technology Specialist Partner, Enline/SENA have produced an Executive Briefing Paper which demonstrates why security should be high on your agenda, and what small steps you can take now to make a significant and immediate difference. It explains three vital pillars of information security:

  • Compliance with regulation
  • Protection of web presence
  • Protection of infrastructure

To accompany the Executive Briefing Paper are four new and enlightening videos presented by Enline/SENA and e-DBA, focusing on:

  • Database security and encryption
  • Database monitoring and protection
  • Access management
  • Governance of identity

Protect your organisation. Safeguard your peace of mind.

Videos available On Demand:

Enline SENA

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