Oracle Partner Enline Makes a Commitment to Identity Management

Jan 09, 2012

by Alison Weiss, December 2011

The management of Enline Plc wants their company to be the best Oracle Identity Management consultancy in the business.

The Oracle Gold Partner based in Leeds, Yorkshire in the UK has a growing identity management business based on implementing Oracle Identity Management solutions for customers. One of their key strengths is their knowledge and skill in the deployment of Oracle Enterprise Single Sign On (ESSO). Leaders at Enline, who have achieved Oracle Specialized status in Oracle Identity Administration and Analytics, are making strides toward their goal to become the best identity consultant in the UK and EMEA. Recently, the company was awarded Middleware Partner of the Year as part of the Oracle EMEA 2011 Partner Specialization Awards for its successful project helping television broadcaster BSkyB implement an Oracle ESSO solution for approximately 14,000 users.

“We’ve chosen to be very niche and boutique in the identity space and focus on the Oracle stack,” says Ben Bulpett, regional sales director at Enline. “In 2011, we saw a 250 percent growth in our Oracle licenses and Oracle services. Customers see us as a trusted pair of hands who understand Oracle technology.”

Enline management also values strong ties with Oracle and sees a great payoff in the Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized program. The partner had a clear roadmap to become the first in the UK to achieve Oracle Specialization in Oracle identity technologies, a move that has paid off handsomely, allowing Enline to compete head-on with bigger systems integrators. Recently, the company expanded globally to partner with Sena Systems in the U.S. to work jointly to deliver comprehensive Oracle Identity solutions.

This focused expertise in ESSO products is the main reason that BSkyB, the largest TV broadcaster in the UK, turned to Enline to help improve the usability, efficiency and security of its call center applications. Dave Jones, Head of Corporate Application Development and Maintenance at BSkyB, reports that users were frustrated by all the different passwords they needed to sign on to use different internal applications. The company was also concerned about potential password security issues.

When BSkyB began looking at different options in the marketplace, it was immediately suspicious of claims of how easy it would be to implement ESSO technology. However, BSkyB staff decided to give Enline one week to do a trial Oracle ESSO implementation. “It took less than half a day per application to get the Oracle technology up and running,” says Jones. “The Enline consultants worked well with us from a planning perspective and explaining how the processes work. This gave us huge confidence that the delivery would be fine.”

Due to the positive results from the one-week trial, BSkyB then hired Enline to do an extended 40-day pilot to get technology implemented for 200 users across 35 applications.

BSkyB internal staff immediately embraced having one secure password to log into all their different applications. In the past, an agent in the call center dealing with Technical enquiries had to log in to an average of eight systems when helping customers. With single sign-on, an agent could use any desk, log in with his or her identity and log onto all the other applications. The system allowed users to handle more calls and answer customer queries much faster.

Users also liked how they didn’t have to worry about forgetting passwords because the ESSO technology made it easy and secure to use self-service to answer a series of questions to automatically generate a new password BSkyB’s IT security team members were also happy because the project added weight to the drive for proper password policy to make passwords inherently more secure across the enterprise.

The pilot began in May 2010 and ended in September. Enline staff actually finished the project five days early and on-budget. “At the end of the pilot project, users didn’t want to let the Oracle ESSO products go,” says Bulpett.

With such positive results, BSkyB elected to fully implement Enline’s Oracle ESSO solution across the organization. By February 2011, 7,000 users were on board and by September 2011, the number had grown to 11,000 users. Jones says, “We felt a real level of comfort with Enline because they knew the products inside and out, and they were technically extremely competent.”

Enline management is confident it can carry the message of the business value of Oracle ESSO technology to a growing list of customers. It is also looking ahead and working to become one of the first Oracle software partners to also sell hardware by marketing turnkey hardware/software solutions. “Now we’re saying to clients that we can provide you with Oracle identity software running on Oracle hardware—a complete solution engineered to work together,” says Bulpett. “We see great opportunities with our small- and medium-sized customers.”

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