Enline Provide Fine Lady Bakeries with Stonesoft's StoneGate Firewall

Sep 19, 2012

Here in the UK, Fine Lady Bakeries, a company which bakes a wide range of breads, morning goods and specialist products for leading supermarket chains, own label, caterers and the country’s sandwich manufacturing industry, is fully aware of its responsibility to society.

Challenges – what was the problem?

From its humble beginnings in the 60’s as a small local baker, today, the company produces millions of morning goods, including loaves and bread rolls, a week in its high tech modern plant bakery, headquartered in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

The popularity of the company saw it making a major investment in the industry when it opened a brand new bakery in Manchester in the summer of 2010. However, a communications link needed to be established between the two sites – so that data and voice was transportable without a hitch. Management at Fine Lady Bakeries realised that this was the case and began looking into solutions.

“We needed a cost efficient and resilient solution without being dependent on any particular network provider. As an independent bakery, it was important for us to have the ability to manage our own Wide Area Network (WAN) without being reliant on a managed network or MPLS network,” says Darren Jordan, Fine Lady Bakeries.

Furthermore, the Banbury headquarters was still using a single ADSL connection for all of their web traffic – from emails to processing orders. They soon realised that they needed more resiliency at that site, in terms of their external network connections.

Darren continues, “If we ever lost the link, we’d lose all connectivity with the outside world.”

Solution – what was implemented?

Looking into what would cater for their needs was next on the list of things to do, for Fine Lady Bakeries. As such, the company became aware of Stonesoft as a possible alternative to Cisco.

“Having initially contacted Stonesoft directly, we were put in touch with a reseller, Enline, who were able to assess our full needs and give us recommendations as to what products would best fit our needs,” explains Darren. “Enline’s vast experience within the Stonesoft Security market coupled with their product knowledge and long standing Stonesoft partnership ensured a suitable solution was designed, delivered and supported.”

“We looked at staying with Cisco but they weren’t able to give us the failover, resiliency and load balancing with multiple internet connections, that we were looking for and which the Stonesoft StoneGate Firewall was able to provide us with,” says Darren.

Fine Lady Bakeries decided to keep their ADSL line as a backup but put in lease lines and a satellite internet connection as well.

Darren comments, “The implementation process was streamlined – thanks to careful planning on behalf of both Fine Lady Bakeries and Enline. Enline’s emphasis on understanding business requirements ensured a smooth transition with minimal service interruption. Stonesoft’s StoneGate Firewall allowed us to increase bandwidth, add connections and aggregate across these links safely and securely giving us multiple seamless failover options.”

Benefits – what positives have since been experienced?

As well as the firewall, Fine Lady Bakeries has also been utilising Stonesoft’s StoneGate Management Centre (SMC) – which provides unified network security management for the firewall solution. The SMC puts control into the hands of Fine Lady Bakeries and allows them to manage the security solution holistically and in real-time mode, utilise shared network connections and benefit from shared logging, reporting, auditing, and other tools.

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