Adding Value Through Experience

Mar 16, 2012

Making a considered choice in the internet age should be easier than ever for organisations. But Jan Valcke, president and chief operating officer of Vasco Data Security International, argues that there’s much to be said from taking the advice of resellers who practice what they preach.

If there is one thing that the internet is not short of, it’s opinions. Good, bad or indifferent, for every product or service available there are tales of joy, and tales of woe. It is wise of course to see these opinions in the context of broader views, and while the internet gives us far greater access to user experiences, you still can’t improve upon the direct opinion of someone who depends daily on a product or service for the survival of their business...or, indeed, their clients’ business.

Do as I say...and as I do
One interesting example of a company that’s well placed to advise customers based on its experiences is Enline, an independent technology solutions provider. Its business centres on areas such as hardware supply, operating systems, virtualisation services, remote access, firewalls and VPNs. The service it provides its private and public sector clients on matters relating to information security and infrastructure solutions, is based on its ‘practise what we preach’ philosophy. The advice the company offers with respect to products and services is based on Enline’s first-hand experience of the solutions it sells. This experience enables the company to tailor the advice, service and support to its customers’ specific business needs and requests, based on real-world experience, rather than hearsay or the opinions of others.

If it works for the reseller...
Recently, Mike Nelsey, Enline’s managing director noticed an emerging trend among his customers. He explains, “They are now looking at how they can deploy cost effective solutions for home working, remote access or secure local access, whether the need is driven through budgetary constraints, or as a part of an overall approach to security and compliance.” This growing customer requirement happened to coincide with Enline’s need for a solution that could be easily integrated into CA SiteMinder, using a SOAP interface.

To address both requirements, Enline deployed VASCO’s IDENTIKEY server internally, initially. IDENTIKEY is VASCO’s authentication server that provides network and application security while offering one-time password and e-signature capability. It provides authentication through RADIUS, on IIS¬-based applications and its SOAP interface enables the integration of strong authentication in virtually any web-based environment. Impressed with its results and satisfied that this solution met not only its needs but its customers’ too, Enline participated in a training programme, becoming an accredited IDENTIKEY partner in the UK. This enabled it to offer IDENTIKEY consultancy - and, critically - first-hand experience, service and after sales support, to its customers.

Enline envisaged how its IDENTIKEY experience and benefits could be enjoyed by its customers, due to its ease of use, flexibility and scalability, which would enable it to accommodate the needs of both its large and small customers. Meanwhile, its complete functionality and management features - without the need for significant budgetary or personnel investments – are well suited to a business backdrop that sees all organisations looking to reduce cost and total cost of ownership. Mike Nelsey explains: “The cost-benefit of VASCO’s solution is highly compelling for such a high quality offering. This really is a case of “spend to save”, as the return on investment is surprisingly quick.”

Of course secure authentication - more so than cost savings - remain at the heart of the IDENTIKEY Server. It verifies authentication requests from standard RADIUS clients against a local database of users. Remote users can easily establish their identity quickly with an individually assigned DIGIPASS device, which generates a unique one-time password that replaces insecure static passwords. This ensures the provision of robust security to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. Authentication and transaction validation functions can be integrated into existing web-based applications, which entails that one DIGIPASS device can be used for several applications, providing extra convenience for the user.

Enline was aware that another key consideration for its customers was ease of use, which IDENTIKEY addresses through the inclusion of an intuitive installation wizard, which guides users through the simple setup process from start to finish.

Another benefit that Enline recognised would be appreciated by its customers, was IDENTIKEY Server’s single web-based administration interface, which is accessible through any web browser from anywhere on the network. This allows for remote administration, and presents new opportunities for outsourced service providers.

Experience based opinion
IDENTIKEY has been received favourably at Enline. More end-users are being migrated to the solution. Those that have been using it for some time have commented on its ease of use, and effortless manageability. As ever, even in the Internet age, the best source of an informed opinion is ‘to ask a man who owns one’; and Mike Nelsey summarises Enline’s IDENTIKEY experience by stating: “We’re delighted at the prospect of having IDENTIKEY to protect our customers, their information and businesses.” And recommendations rarely come more strongly – or trusted – than that, not least when a company is planning to implement something that’s so integral to the security of their business and their clients’.

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