V3 Virtual Security Summit 25th September 2012

Aug 15, 2012

Experience the entire conference from your desk. Sessions include; Hacking & external threats, Enterprise security, consumerisation & Bring your own device (BYOD), Cloud security, Open source, Global threats.

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08.30    Summit live
09.00    Keynote: Dispelling Myths: Why the Cloud is our Best Hope for Security 

Speakers include: Nathaniel Borenstein, Chief Scientist, Mimecast

10.00    Industry Interview: The evolution of hactivism and how to defend your business

Speakers include: Jacques Erazmus, Chief Information Security Officer

11.00    How to eliminate the security risks of bring your own device (BYOD)
Synopsis: The rise of consumerisation of IT has meant CIOs are inundated with employees wanting to connect their own personal devices to secure corporate networks. While this can have advantages for firms around staff retention and productivity, there are also clear dangers around the potential for data leaks.
Experts from Oracle and aurionPro SENA will be on hand in our panel discussion to outline how to completely eliminate the security risk from a BYOD strategy, whether it be an Android mobile handset,  the latest iPad or an upcoming Windows 8 tablet. So you can keep your staff happy while ensuring the security of company networks and applications.

Speakers include: Richard Mardling, Strategic Business Director, aurionPro SENA & Andy Bushby, Technology Director - Information Security, Oracle

12.00    Open source security: Why it can be more secure than what you have today

13.00    The insider threat: Responding to user behaviour

14.00    Government sponsored threats: The dangers they pose

Agenda is subject to change

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