25 Year Timeline


Enline is incorporated on the 8th November 1985.

Enline plc

Enline's very first order arrives - memory upgrade for HP3000 – we’re up and running!

Microsoft Windows 1.0 is introduced in November and is initially sold for $100.

The first internet domain name symbolics.com is registered.

Scientists announce the discovery of a hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic.


Enline starts trading with Synstar (now HP CDS) - still a customer today.

HP launch its first Intel i286 based PC - the Classic Vectra.

The first commercial IBM-compatible laptop computers are produced. It will take 20 years before laptops outsell desktop computers.

U.S.S.R. Launches the Mir Space Station.


Enline supplies Denys Fisher, with HP 9825B systems and spares assisting his continued work with Hasbro in developing and refining the Spirograph.


HP launch the PaintJet the first ever colour inkjet printer.

First Unix Business Server - 800 Series is launched.

First forensic use of DNA in a criminal case.


Enline moved to its first purpose built office.

Enline's New Office

Enline accredited as an Authorised HP Reseller.

HP's DeskJet printer, the company's first mass-market inkjet printer, makes its debut.

First computer-virus crime reported.

Human Genome project begins.


Enline saves the Custard Cream line at Jacobs Biscuits by sourcing a replacement HP 9845 which had halted all production of the popular biscuit.

Citrix is founded.

"Friday the 13th" virus strikes hundreds of IBM computers in Britain.

Berlin Wall falls - a symbolic end to the Cold War.


Enline’s longest serving employee Glenn Hodgson joins Enline.


Microsoft releases Windows 3.0.

Microsoft and IBM stop working together to develop operating systems.

Hubble Space Telescope launched into space.


Mike Nelsey joins Enline.

Back office integration is introduced at Enline.

The World Wide Web is launched to the public, developed as a research tool by Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist at the European Partical Physics Laboratory in Geneva.

HP introduces the colour DeskJet 500C, creating a revolution in colour printing.

Sonic the Hedgehog is released for the Sega Megadrive.


Enline sells HP 1000 real time systems to London Underground - still a customer today.


Microsoft introduced Windows 3.1 and acquired FoxPro.

IBM introduce the ThinkPad - the first notebook with a 10.4" colour TFT screen and Trackpoint.

The European Union is formed.


Enline extends its premises by acquiring the unit next door!

Checkpoint start business.

Microsoft releases Windows NT, standing for New Technology, Microsoft Office 4.0 and MS-DOS 6.0.

The Maastricht Treaty takes effect, formally establishing the European Union.


Mike Nelsey is appointed as Managing Director at Enline.


Al Gore coins the term "information superhighway".

Yahoo is founded.

Channel Tunnel Opens, Connecting Britain and France by undersea rail.


Enline partners with Microsoft.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Enline is awarded BS EN ISO 9002 accreditation which it still holds today as ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 9001

Microsoft releases Windows 95, the buzz-word is Plug n Play.

Both USB and Firewire are released.

"Rogue trader" Nick Leeson is jailed for six-and-a-half years in Singapore on a double fraud charge relating to the recent financial collapse of Barings Bank.


Enline provides 30 HP9000 workstations for defence refit contract.

Google is first developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

The first Internet fad ("Dancing Baby") makes it into mainstream media, most notably Ally McBeal.

NASA Rover mission successfully lands and sends back photographs of the surface of Mars.


Enline outgrows its Head Office and moves into new 13,500 sq ft premises.

Head Office

Enline acquires business assets of HiTech Marketing Services, a Microsoft partner.

Richard Mardling joins Enline.

WiFi standard first released.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 4.0.

Scottish scientists clone a sheep named Dolly.


Enline partners with Netegrity, a leading provider of security software solutions offering identity and access management products.

Enline delivers first IAM solution for West Mercia Police.

Microsoft releases Windows 98 (First Edition).

Confinity and Billpoint were founded. Never heard of them? Both were integrated into eBay, kickstarting a revolution in online trading.

Sky Digital Satellite Television launches in the UK.


Enline partners with Checkpoint, worldwide leader in securing the Internet.


Enline adds Clearswift and RSA to its Partner list.


The world awaits the consequences of the Y2K bug.

First large peer-to-peer music file sharing network, Napster is launched.

The Euro becomes official European Currency.


Enline provide legacy systems which survive Y2K and continue to be supported by Enline today.

Computers continue to work and the world doesn't come to an end on 1st January.

Microsoft Bill Gates relinquishes his title as CEO to Microsoft President Steve Ballmer.

Human genome deciphered, identifying all the genes in human DNA.


Enline wins the RSA 'One to Watch' Award.

Bering Technologies Inc announce the appointment of Enline plc as their European Sales, Support and Repair Partner for their range of Hewlett-Packard compatible drive subsystems.


Enline's biggest deal to date - near $1m contract with US-based provider to largest insurer in America.

RLX Technologies ship the first commercial blade server.

Apple Computer releases the iPod, the bestselling MP3player and an icon of the decade.

Albert Einstein named TIME magazine's 'Person of the Century'.


Enline partners with Stonesoft, innovative provider of integrated network security solutions.


Enline implements Virtual Vault at Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Enline given the $2m+ Club award at the PSL & HP Partner Conference.

British Digital terrestrial television (DTT) Service Freeview begins transmitting in parts of the United Kingdom.

Web logs become 'blogs'.

Euro notes and coins are issued in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands.


Paul Edmondson joins Enline as Commercial Business Director.

Metropolitan Police roll out NSPIS® Browser Access Control Framework Agreement through Enline.

Social networking website MySpace.com launched.

The Beatles Sue Apple Computers Over iPod, iTunes.


Enline are awarded OpenPSL award for outstanding achievement at the Enterprise Experience.

CA announced the completion of its acquisition of Netegrity.

Social networking website Facebook takes off.

Groundbreaking for the Freedom Tower begins at Ground Zero in New York City.


Enline join Imprivata, as the first UK Partner.

Enline awarded Imprivata iPartner Award - Worldwide Partner of the Year.

Staffordshire Police become the first police force in the UK to achieve complete Single Sign-on for all Internal and External applications following implementation from Enline.

Hewlett-Packard introduce the last upgrade for its PA-RISC proprietary processor, effectively ending the life of a technology that had been driving the vendor's high-end servers since the mid-1980s.

Internet site YouTube posts its first video.

The International Olympic Committee announces London as hosts for the 2012 Olympics.


Enline becomes an Oracle Partner.

Home Office announce new Police Database which Pools Intelligence to Crack Crime: The IMPACT Nominal Index (INI) was delivered in partnership with Cable and Wireless plc., working with Enline plc.

Microsoft releases Microsoft Windows Vista to corporations

Astronomers rule Pluto is no longer a Planet.


Enline relocates to new offices, benefiting from better road links and open plan single storey warehouse.

Current Head Office

Management buy-out from existing shareholders.

Enline achieve Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status.

HP achieves its goal of recycling one billion pounds of electronics. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the inception of HP recycling programs, which now operate in more than forty countries, regions and territories.

Apple launches the iPhone.

High Speed 1 from London to the Channel Tunnel is opened to passengers.


Enline sign up with Microsoft for Forefront identity programme.

Forefront Identity Manager

The HD player war comes to an end when HD DVD calls it quit, making Blu-ray the victor.

Surgeons at London's Moorfields Eye Hospital perform the first operations using bionic eyes, implanting them into two blind patients.


Enline become a VASCO Accredited Partner.


Enline is awarded Oracle Gold Partner Status.

Microsoft releases Windows 7.

Barack Obama inaugurated as the 44th, and first African-American, US President.


Enline become the first Oracle partner in the world to achieve Specialisation in Identity Administration and Analytics.

Identity Administration and Analytics

Enline celebrates its 25 year anniversary.